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Porn Star Update

Roman Ragazzi Update

Roman_ragazzi_solo Roman Ragazzi quit his day job after being outed by Page Six. According to the NY Post "AN Israeli consulate official quit his job Monday moments after Page Six asked him if he was involved in a gay porn site.....Dror Barak, a k a Roman Ragazzi, worked in the administrative offices of the Israeli consulate while moonlighting as a "model" and gay porn star....On Barak's page on bigmuscle.com (under the name gymscle), Barak writes, "I find focused, career-minded and successful individuals sexy.""

Roman Ragazzi is currently an exclusive model of Raging Stallion. He also did videos for Colin Oneal.

According to Colin "Roman is beyond a shadow of any doubt the sexiest, hairy, muscled stud to turn up in the porn world in years. His masculine face and permanent five o’clock shadow compliment his perfectly hairy torso, six pack abs and huge legs. In addition, Roman has a fat nine-inch cock! His Mediterranean heritage blends the best aspects from a gene pool that for centuries has produced the finest examples of the classic male form. Indeed, his perfectly proportioned features would easily rank him among the finest examples of Michelangelo’s Renaissance era model pool. Being looking for him in upcoming scenes."

Mike Roberts Update

Mike_roberts_update Mike Roberts just joined the We Love Mike Roberts Fan Club. "Hey group - this Mike Roberts. I can assure you this is not bogus. I recently made contact with the group moderator thanking him for this group. He can verify that it is me. I am going to post the New DVD Cover, of my soon to be released DVD "Best of Mike Roberts". This movie and "Exxxposed" are both in post production. I'll get a copy of the Box Cover form my Producer / Agent, Josh Jacobs. Josh is currently casting models for the final scene in another movie featuring me and Jason Crew. The working title is "Frisky Business". Josh said he wants to find a new name for the title. I told Josh if he posted several pictures form each scene, then all of you could suggest a name for the title. I said it should be called "UP Yours". We really need a model for the last scene to bottom for me. Any Suggestions? Look for weekly posting by me or Josh."
Mike Roberts (

[movies of Mike Roberts]

Tory Mason Update

Tory Mason updated his fans about his future projects at his Yahoo Group.

Tory_mason_bathroom ".....This weekend, I'll be dancing at the first event for White Party... at Helios Resort in Palm Sprins, CA. I'm still not sure if I'll be dancing at the rest of the events next weekend, looking into a possible age conflict, but I will send out another email to let you guys know for sure as soon as I find out.

FOR ALL THOSE HOTTIE HOTTIE MEN IN LA, I will be appearing at Cocktails with the Stars for "Tory Mason" night which will be Thursday, April 19. So if you're in the area come out for a meet and greet and take home an autograph. Who knows what'll happen, it's always a party when I'm in charge. ; )

Tory_mason_01 More excitingly, I'll be taking on my biggest role next month for a Colt/Buckshot production called "After the Prom" a homo erotic look at what a fraternity does after a college dance. I'm entirely stoked to play my character, Blitz, since he is so much like me, a total horn dog. Should be pretty fucking hot, my boy Jan Fischer is going to be in it as well and, not to mention, one of my two scenes in the video will be shot with porn legend Dean Phoenix (he's a stud). Not quite sure what the rest of the details will be (or even the lineup for that much), but it's a COLT production (for those of you who may not know, COLT was the first gay porn company, thus making it the oldest... interesting trivia, ya?) so I know it will be hot hot hot....."