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Interview with Pierre Fitch from Falcon Studios

Pierre_fitch_falcon_1 5 Minutes With Pierre Fitch, courtesy of  Falcon Studios

Where are you from?

Pierre Fitch: I was born in Cornwall, Ontario. I'm now currently living in Montreal.

How did your name come about? Is there any significance to it?

Pierre Fitch: Actually Pierre is my real first name and Fitch came about because I love Abercrombie & Fitch clothing. The models are hot too, but they could be a little rougher around the edges.

How big is little Pierre?

Pierre Fitch: He’s about 8” and thick. I’m cut but I have a lot of foreskin, so I guess I can say I’m half-cut. Also his nickname is Nemo.

What was your most memorable on-set sexual experience not captured on tape?

Pierre Fitch: Bobby Williams, Jason Adonis and Colin O'Neal were filming a scene and I was watching from the sidelines and the three of them were so hot I jerked off while watching them shoot their scene.

Q&A with Josh Weston from his fans

Josh_weston_solo_02 Josh was kind enough to answer questions posted by his fans at his Josh Weston Fans Yahoo Group.

Did Josh leave Falcon or did they stupidly let him go?

Josh Weston: I am no longer with Falcon, due to my personal political beliefs I simply wanted nothing to do with Halliburton or its subsidiaries. At any rate, I had a good run at Falcon, I had a great time. But I don’t think I'll be in porn much longer, and there were other people/companies I had always wanted to work with before I hang up my Jeff Stryker dildo.

Why did Josh remove his navy tatoo?

Josh Weston: I liked my tattoos, but having a tattoo was like wearing the same pair of shoes every single day, enough.

Does he have a boyfriend? What happened between him and Kent Larsen?

Josh Weston: I don’t have a boyfriend. I’m not wired for relationships.

Anybody know his real name?

Josh Weston: My real first name consists of 4 letters, one vowel (an A) and is kind of gay. Can anyone guess?

Does he have a non-porn career?

Josh Weston: I don’t have a non-porn career... when your resumes highlights include Latin Gangbangs and double penetration, well... its made things 'difficult'. ... carpe diem my ass.

Does he escort (I'm sure I could scrap together the payment, whatever it is)?

Josh Weston: Escorting, Yes, but please don’t 'scrap together' anything, I do lay-a-way and barter (right now I really need a new pipe and winter socks).

Josh has such beautiful feet...Has he ever cross dressed?

Josh Weston: I do cross dress on occasion, mainly Sundays during my volunteer conjugal visits at Folsom Prison.

I notice the red string on his wrist. Is he in to the Kabala? Is it a Madonna fad or a deeply held conviction?

Josh Weston: My red string or 'Bendel' is a charm used to ward off 'occhulus malice' AKA evil eye. It’s also a talisman and just a constant reminder to forgive and peace. I do study several times a month at the K center on 48th. I know many think its hocus pocus, but my cells shift every visit.

With permission from Josh Weston [movies].

Q&A with Brent Everett

This interview was done by the Moderator of the Brent Everett Yahoo Group. Just join the group for the full interview - free to join but requires a Yahoo ID.

Brent_everett_1 4. Your double penetration scene with the other Brent is one of the hottest things ever captured on film. What are the odds that you would ever be the recipient of such action in a video?

Brent Everett: wow thanks man:) as far as the odds of me being the recipient of a double penetration, very low..lol..very very low :)

5. Would you do a bareback scene with Brent Corrigan?

Brent Everett: No, I would never actually do a bareback film again. That one time was with my boyfriend of 2 1/2 years. I was alot younger than I am now, and a bit naive.

7. Recently you have been just a top, will do a scene as a bottom again?

Brent Everett: Ya, I've only been a top for about 2 years now. I'm very versatile in real life...but just didn't really enjoy being a bottom on film some of the time. For those who would like to see me bottom again I did in my next movie that has yet to be released! I had a blast filming that scene so it should rock!

9. Does you family know of your Porn career?

Brent Everett: Most of my family does know about my career...and everyone is really cool about it! There still is a few family members that don't know yet.

10. Are you out to family and friends?

Brent Everett: Ya, I'm out to pretty much everyone.

Brent Everett's Videos on Demand

Q&A with Ashton Star by Falcon Studios

Ashton_star_01_1 In the Chair with Ashton Star (courtesy of Falcon Studios) by Markus Ram

Hair Color:  Blonde
Eye Color: Green
Height: 5'8"
Position: Versatile
Build: Swimmer
Body Hair: Smooth
Cock:     7"
Foreskin: Cut

Where are you from, and how did you get started in porn?

Ashton Star: I'm originally from the middle of nowhere, Pennsylvania, and got into porn to try and get some excitement in my life. I'm a reserved kind of guy, but I always thought that I would do porn. Sure enough, after I came out at 19, I was doing porn three months later.

How was your model name created? Did you create it or did someone else?

Ashton Star: I came up with Ashton Star by writing down a bunch of first names that I liked, and last names that were pseudo-sexual and cheesy. I originally wanted to go by my crush's name, Johnny Angel, but was afraid he might find out.

Do you prefer doing one-on-one or group scenes?

Ashton Star: Since Dripping Wet was my first film I felt much more comfortable doing a group scene with so many other first-timers. A group scene is much more sexual and lust-driven while a one-on-one scene involves a lot more passion and intimacy.

If it won't get you into trouble by telling me, which one of your co-stars did you most want to take home for the night?

Ashton Star: Hands down, that would be Carter Longway. The boy is an absolute sweetheart. I never got to take him home for the night, but there is always hope.

Do you have a preference for being top or bottom on film? How about in your personal life?

Ashton Star: On film I feel that I'm not quite sure of what my niche is just yet. But as for my personal life ... well, you will have to find that out for yourself.

What kind of guy do you like to get fucked by when you bottom?

Ashton Star: When I bottom for a guy, I have to be into him. And he needs to be someone that I would be willing to do it with off-screen. Also, I think that if you are getting the chance to plow your huge cock in me, the least you could do is be a gentlemen.

What kind of guy do you like to fuck when you are a top?
Ashton Star: I LOVE super-skinny guys. A nice, tall, lean Italian soccer player or maybe a nice little twinky "Emo" kind of boy would be my ideal.

Are you currently single, or dating anyone?

Ashton Star: Single ... I've never dated before.

What do your friends think about your porn work?

Ashton Star: They don't know, so shh ... don't tell.

What do you like to do for fun when you're not filming videos for Falcon?

Ashton Star: I love working out, running, yoga, lifting, swimming, soccer ... it always puts me in a better mood. I also love to bake and am at school studying to become a pastry chef.

What's your favorite food when you are being bad and pigging out?

Ashton Star: Put chocolate on anything and I'll eat it.

[With permission from Cliff of Falcon Studios]