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Q&A with Erik Rhodes by PaperMag.com

Erik_rhodes Is it just me or does Erik Rhodes looks so different in this picture? His face seems a bit gaunt. Anyway, I added a picture of Erik below from his stint with Falcon Studios. Check out the difference. Tell me if I'm right.

The picture on the left was part of the interview that JD Ferguson did with Erik Rhodes at Papermag.com.

From JD Fergurson: Erik Rhodes is not only known as the wild man of the industry, but at zero for seven in the awards department, he is the Susan Lucci of gay porn. With such nominations as best newcomer, best actor, best duo and best versatile, to name a few, this beefy boy from Long Island is well on his way to uber-star status with a fan base and popularity that rivals no other. "Once he stripped out of his skivvies, I thought... okay, I get it," says JD Ferguson of Rhodes. Word Up readers, I give thee Erik Rhodes.

What's on you iPod?

Erik Rhodes: Every Nine Inch Nails CD, a lot of metal, screamo, emo, underground hip hop and just a couple fag favorites.

Did it hurt being shot in the arm?

Erik Rhodes: Ha. It's an ongoing joke that so many people have believed. I did grow up in the ghetto but it's just a dog bite. (I'm starved for attention.)

What's in your refrigerator?

Erik Rhodes: Leftovers, Mountain Dew and poppers.

Favorite movie of all time?

Erik Rhodes: Natural Born Killers

If you could have sex with any celebrity who would it be?

Erik Rhodes: If I had to say, it would be Trent Reznor, but I wouldn't. I enjoy the man's music too much to fuck up something I enjoy by sleeping with that person. Sex ruins things and I value the music too much. Maybe it doesn't make sense to you but I get it.

What's your twin like?

Erik Rhodes: He is the straight, skinnier version of me with more tatoos. He's my best friend.