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KadenDane.com is for sale

A former director and camera man of Sean Cody created the KadenDane.com in 2014 that included some models from Sean Cody.

Nothing happened in 2015 & 2016.

By 2017, their last tweet was a photo of Ollie of Sean Cody (aka Rix).

The site is now for sale for 5k.


Possible explanation for the missing videos at Sean Cody

Back in December, I was told by a rep of Sean Cody that the missing videos will be back in a week. The screenshot I took at that time listed 863 videos.


It's now down to 807 after 7 months.


The possible explanation for the missing videos is from a comment sent by Kelton "I live in San Diego and recently talked to on of the behind the scenes crew and he explained the problem. The pornhub scandal put a focus that all videos produced and each of the models are required to obtain and keep documentation for each production including proof of each models age by having a copy of their government ID, a signed dated release from each model for each scene they are in. When Sean Cody changed ownership those in charge neglected to either check that each release, proof of ID, basically all the required documentation for each model and for each video was obtained and filed. All of the missing content due to lack of documentation can no longer be verified so therefore can not be available for viewing. That the situation that all missing videos from the past will not be offered as part of their collection."

From Say Uncle to Men for this Mom

The pandemic had porn studios buy more content from Canada since their porn stars and extras are able to work despite the lockdowns.

One of the extras hired for a scene by Say Uncle was the woman who played as the mom of William Moore that allowed William to be barebacked by his step father Markus Kage in front of her.



The mom is the latest update at Men with Jeremy London as her son and Malik Delgaty as her step-son. This time, mom didn't know what was happening between her sons.


And, were the scenes filmed a day after the other since the mom wore some items on both shoots?