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Blast From The Past

First bareback scene of Josh Weston

It was in 2008 for Bodybuilders Bareback with Aidyn Michael as his top.


From his AEBN profile "Josh was one of the few performers who were able to shoot bareback films while working for mainstream studios. His raw films for SX Video (most notably Bareback Power Bottoms and Bodybuilders Bareback) caused controversy, but he continued to be one of the most sought-after performers until his untimely and tragic death in December 2012.

Josh Weston was only 39 years old when he died and his legacy of powerful, versatile performances will be unforgettable."

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Max Orloff aka Jan Dvorak aka Pavel Novotny

Max Orloff was the name he was given by Belami Online. Unfortunately, his scenes are not part of the site's membership - sold separately in DVD. 



This is what the owner of Belami Online wrote on Max "I consider Max Orloff to be my biggest missed opportunity. He is one of the very few models to become as big a star as Lukas Ridgeston. He was the entire package: A beautiful face with an incredible body, a huge cock and extreme cumshots."

Max is known as Jan Dvorak at William Higgins.


His scenes at William Higgins have been remastered due to his popularity "Jan Dvorak, surely one of our all time favorite models on the site. These are pics from a shoot that Jan did some years ago, which have been remastered and presented here in better quality than was possible in the days of dial-up connections. Jan was always such a wonderful looking guy, as these pics will attest. I still get emails about him so many years later. I hope you enjoy this opportunity to revisit Jan in his remastered state."



His list of movies as Jan Dvorak.


For his other work, he is known as Pavel Novotny [movies].


Max aka Jan aka Pavel started porn in 1999.