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David Skylar, Axel Ross, Harvey Robinson, Collin Simpson, Bobby Orel and more

Danny Starr, Malik Delgaty, Harrison Todd, Collin Simpson, Braxton Cruz, Igor Romani and Cliff Jense

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Q & A by Men: Malik Delgaty "I think if you're against gay, you're just dumb."


Newbie to watch: Denzel

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Poll: Sumner, Leo Chauvin, Nath Latrel, Jace Jenkins, Andrés Magno, Gino, Peter Matthews, Leo, Baxtian Bastidas, Nelso Garcia, or Andre Bedford?


Then and now: Kell Fuller, Leo Rocha, and Brock Kniles

Newbie to watch: 5'9" Braxton Cruz and his 9" cock

Facial feminization surgery: Igor Romani

Always the top: Cliff Jensen of Naked Sword


Sniffed: Peter Pounder with his coach’s jockstrap

Real-life lovers in a train fuck: Carter Collins & Oliver Marks

Seldom the top: Nik Fros

Happy Father’s Day: Ryan St Michael and Magic Mike Hung

7 cocks: Alex Cabrera as the bottom

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