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Posts from June 2023

Danny Starr, Malik Delgaty, Harrison Todd, Collin Simpson, Braxton Cruz, Igor Romani and Cliff Jense

Back in action: Danny Starr at Men At Play


Q & A by Men: Malik Delgaty "I think if you're against gay, you're just dumb."


Newbie to watch: Denzel

First fuck: Harrison Todd, Nath Latrel, and Cliff Boyd

Tweet: Collin Simpson "Happy Father’s Day!"


Poll: Sumner, Leo Chauvin, Nath Latrel, Jace Jenkins, Andrés Magno, Gino, Peter Matthews, Leo, Baxtian Bastidas, Nelso Garcia, or Andre Bedford?


Then and now: Kell Fuller, Leo Rocha, and Brock Kniles

Newbie to watch: 5'9" Braxton Cruz and his 9" cock

Facial feminization surgery: Igor Romani

Always the top: Cliff Jensen of Naked Sword


Sniffed: Peter Pounder with his coach’s jockstrap

Real-life lovers in a train fuck: Carter Collins & Oliver Marks

Seldom the top: Nik Fros

Happy Father’s Day: Ryan St Michael and Magic Mike Hung

7 cocks: Alex Cabrera as the bottom

Not your usual twink at Fresh Men: Camillo Beischel

Daddy in uniform: Officer Greg Dixxon at Men


David Skylar, Axel Ross, Harvey Robinson, Collin Simpson, Bobby Orel and more

Tweets: David Skylar "Btw if you’re offended by my posts, good! Idgaff I want to be hated."

Newbie: 6’3″ Axel Ross aka Axel Renfro

Poll: Arman Galanis, Kanye Sky, Justin Sharp, Harvey Robinson, Omar, Ralf Bauer, Alan Doux, Harrison Todd or Arty? -  Harvey Robinson of English Lads is currently in the lead.


Roundup: Mason Sky as the top and bottom in a bisexual threesome, Kenzo Alvarez and Maverick Sun as soldiers, and feet for Bruno Galvez and Bruno The Beard X

Wants another comeback: Collin Simpson

Back in action: Keiran at Sean Cody



Like or dislike: Pansexual fourgy for Pride Month

Then and now: Bruce Harrelson aka Bobby Orel

Loves to top: Liam of Corbin Fisher, Mateo Thomas, and Cliff Jensen

Feet of a tree worker: Size 14 of the 6’4″ Girth of My Friends' Feet


Positions to try: Kenzo Alvarez and Maverick Sun

Twink for daddy: Brogan and Jake Preston

Spit on me: Witty and Egypt

Gabe Zavaleta, Cliff Jensen, Christian Wilde, Peter Pounder, Mick Lovell, Jake Olses, Bruce Huxley, Mitch Matthews, Jaxxon Bold and more

Tweet by Travis Stevens "I see so many young dudes just ruin their bodies with steroid usage… horrible skin and being bald isn’t worth having muscles for a couple years."

Gabe Zavaleta of Belami Online and Ryder Flynn are currently leading in a poll as the favorite model of the week.


Vote for your favorite model of the month of May - Jackson Brook, Jay Stroke or Eddie Patrick?

2011 (Men) & 2023 (Kink Men): Christian Wilde and Cliff Jensen



Corbin Fisher introduced a newbie, who has a porn past in Finn August.

The twink in Peter Pounder at Twink Top.


Filmed more than 10 years ago and released this week: Mick Lovell and Johnny Bloom

Alias: Peter Hronsky aka Jake Olsen aka Perry Lynton of Fresh Men

Who Did It Better? Bruce Huxley as the boyfriend in Double Timing Bottom and Double Timing Bimbo

Controversy: Mitch Matthews was arrested last April for allegedly trying to have sex with children in Kansas City


Alias: Todd of Corbin Fisher aka Jaxxon Bold

First time of Travis Stevens, Dallen of Corbin Fisher and Ryder Flynn

Porn stars with the same name: Justice

Aliases: Matias Giraldo, Iker Ramiro, and Emilio Rios

Fetish: Nate Rose in a suit, Viktor Butt pegged, two big dicks for Louis Ricaute, stepson Ollie Barn, and car mechanic Jayden Marcos

Eddie Patrick, Jacob Lord, Johnny Bloom, Ryder Flynn, Masyn Thorn, Johnny Rapid, Tyga, Jeremy Barker, Lobo Carreira and more

Jason Collins "I've finally decided to get cubic zirconia implants and 2 bridges to replace all my teeth."

Fucked himself with his own cock: Eddie Patrick

Two porn sites introduced the 43-year-old Jacob Lord


A jack off scene at Gay Hoopla after weeks of solos and behind the scenes

Foot fucking: Truth & Real

Model Of The Week: Tony Ritts, Berthold Kuna, Zane Hendricks, Alexander, Manu Cobre, Blake Buckley, Jacob Lord, Eddie Patrick or Mata?

More than 6 years ago: Johnny Bloom as the bottom

From Only Fans to Sean Cody: Ryder Flynn


The bisexual in Masyn Thorn

A Belami Online model with body hair and tattoos: Tony Ritts

Johnny Rapid wrote a book

Newbies To Watch: Sage Roux

Top to bottom: Tyga of Bi Latin Men


Outdoors with a newbie: Jack Aries

Rimmed midair: Theo Colucci

Size difference: 5’2″ Jordan Neo with a 6 footer

Miscellaneous: Travis Connor, English Lads, Dmitry Dickov, and Eddie Patrick

Fucked by a perp: Jeremiah Cruz (or Cruze)

Top to a woman, bottom to a man: Jeremy Barker

Poll Winner: Lobo Carreira won as your favorite model for April 2023


Justin of Sean Cody “I just had a gun pointed at my head while being called a faggot over & over again in Las Vegas.”

From Helix Studios to Sean Cody to Corbin Fisher and now at Island Studs as Matthew

Feet: Harold Lopez

6’4 Top: Langley Gold