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Shaun of Corbin Fisher aka Milan Sheraton
Kevin Wood (2009-2011) & Kevin Wood (2005)

Hurley of Fratmen aka Nash of Chaos Men aka Brody Wilder

In 2008, Fratmen (now gone) introduced Hurley "Yes, Hurley is a skater… rides the waves too… has an endless supply of monogrammed shirts."


By 2009, he was introduced by Chaos Men as Nash.



The first to suck his cock at Chaos Men was Sebastian.


His first fuck scene at Chaos Men was a flip fuck with Dyson "Nash had been staying with me a week or so in order to do several scenes, and this was the first time he actually was doing guy-on-guy.... Nash, not a complete virgin to gay sex, but this past experiences was more receiving (getting head, topping – not too intimate)".



From 2011 to 2014, he was known as Brody Wilder. Majority of his scenes as Brody were released by Next Door Studios.