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First bareback scene of Josh Weston
Jirka Gregor (5'9", 180 lbs., 7" uncut)

The 2 scenes where Billy Brandt was the bottom

In 2006, Billy Brandt had a threesome with Mike Roberts & Erik Rhodes for the movie From Top To Bottom of Falcon Studios that had him top & bottom for Erik Rhodes.



It was followed in 2008 at Cocky Boys with Brad Star as his top. 




David Forest, who passed away in 2015, gave an update on Billy Brandt in 2009.

Billy is doing OK. He's not having an easy time getting himself into a normal lifestyle … but, he certainly IS trying. Last time we spoke (a few months ago) he had moved from Denver (where he had been living/working for the last few years) to an aunt's home in Missouri. He felt that he'd be able to find work in that area and, at least, have a rent-free living situation. Back to 2009 … he told me that he was keeping his body trim and hard … but, enjoyed having facial hair (beard). He was not interested in ANY work in the XXX business, not even "privates." He told me that he had laid "Billy Brandt" to rest."

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