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Possible explanation for the missing videos at Sean Cody

Back in December, I was told by a rep of Sean Cody that the missing videos will be back in a week. The screenshot I took at that time listed 863 videos.


It's now down to 807 after 7 months.


The possible explanation for the missing videos is from a comment sent by Kelton "I live in San Diego and recently talked to on of the behind the scenes crew and he explained the problem. The pornhub scandal put a focus that all videos produced and each of the models are required to obtain and keep documentation for each production including proof of each models age by having a copy of their government ID, a signed dated release from each model for each scene they are in. When Sean Cody changed ownership those in charge neglected to either check that each release, proof of ID, basically all the required documentation for each model and for each video was obtained and filed. All of the missing content due to lack of documentation can no longer be verified so therefore can not be available for viewing. That the situation that all missing videos from the past will not be offered as part of their collection."