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Posts from July 2021

Cole Church, Marco Napoli & Jay Tee

Hot or not?

Two threesome scenes have been released by Say Uncle for Cole Church, Marco Napoli & Jay Tee.

The first one was released 4 weeks ago that had Marco as the security officer with Cole & Jay as the Young Perps "Young perps Cole Church and Jay Tee get brought to the backroom by officer Marco Napoli after suspecting them of stealing some fireworks. The boys deny everything and seem to be ready to pin it on the other. Once Officer Napoli submits them to a cavity search, he finds some of the stolen items which means there’s no getting out of this now. Officer Napoli has both Cole and Jay sitting naked so he makes them a proposition… if they both fuck him in the ass, he’ll let them go without calling the authorities!"





The second one was released today with Marco as the doctor, Cole as the medical student and Jay as the patient "Jay Tee goes to his annual checkup with Dr. Marco Napoli and his medical student Cole Church. As Dr. Napoli is going through the examination, he asks Jay if he has any children that he knows of, and suggests they collect some of his semen to find out. Lucky for Jay, the procedure can be done by Dr. Napoli himself with help from Cole and it turns out to be very satisfying!"





Then & now on Ace Quinn

Ace Quinn started in 2019 where he became an exclusive of Men.



The pandemic hit in 2020 and Ace lost weight due to the lockdown. It was evident in his scene at Cocky Boys released last November.


The lockdown in Canada was also the time Ace got a sleeve tattoo.

And, that tattoo is now present is his latest scene at Masqulin where he seems to be in the process of adding weight to become a bodybuilder.