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Pierce of SC at Helix Studios, first raw scene of Sinclair of CM, lovers wearing condoms and some news
The mugshot of Buddy Davis aka Jack King

The straight for pay in Mike De Marko (tip @ Martin)

Mike De Marko is more of a bottom than a top in gay porn. He is currently an exclusive of MEN.


In an interview with Gay Demon posted last Aug 12, 2012, Mike De Marko mentioned that he was gay and almost never top in his personal life.

Mike: It's clear to me already that I'm going to have to be versatile in this industry... People are always surprised when I tell them I'm a bottom. I'm gay, and in my personal life, I almost never top, but I've been cast in both roles for the projects I've worked on so far, so I guess Mikey is vers. Porn, like any other industry, calls for a certain flexibility if you're going to last, and I plan on being around for a while, so you can count on seeing me in a variety of roles.

Last January 02, 2013, his scene at Divine Bitches was released [gallery].

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